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I want to create an interactive map or game to take a user through the process of clothing production. I would like for this to be overall a digital visualization project using a map and possibly interactive game to share the information. I would like to use something in-between the StoryMapJS example of Manifest Destiny and the Urban Renewal example. If I am able to use a map background on a twine game, then I will consider making it an interactive game, but I think it is more important to have the visual map to follow than the game aspect. Ideally, I will have a world map with numbered hotspots, where the user follows the hotspots in order showing the distance in-between steps (like the move from the textile factory to the manufacturing center) and how items are typically transported (by air, land, or sea). The goal of the project is to give the user more information on how clothes are made than they previously had. Ideally, the information learned would help bring awareness to the dangers of shopping on Shein or Forever21, and motivate the user to participate in different practices like Rent the Runway, ShareToWear, or purchase from ethical brands with sustainability initiatives. The end of my map would give options of how to help combat the issue of fast fashion, listing examples like the ones I just mentioned. 

Why should people care about sustainable fashion?

What is fast fashion?

What is slow fashion?

How are clothes made?

Who makes clothes?

What makes clothing production ethical?

What are the dangers of fast fashion?

What is the environmental impact of the fashion industry?

We are researching the production of clothing, because we want to know where our clothes came from, so that our readers/users will understand the dangers mand international impact of fast fashion.

We are researching how clothing is made, because we want to know who made our clothes, so that our readers/users will understand the dangers of clothing production.

We are researching the sustainable production of clothing, because we want to know what environmental impact the fashion industry has, so that our readers/users will e more aware of their environmental impact.

We are researching how different companies make their clothing, because we want to know what distinguishes sustainable fashion from fast fashion, so that our readers/users will understand why sustainable fashion should be supported.

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