strategic plan

Strategic Plan: Sustainable Fashion

Strategic Plan

  • Fixed deadlines
    • Provisional Bibliography (2/6) – individual
    • Bibliography Annotations (2/11) – individual
    • Wireframe sketch (2/20 in class) – individual or group
    • Content Draft (3/19) – group
    • Prototype 1 (4/2) – group
    • Prototype 2 (4/23) – group
  • Self-scheduled deadlines
    • Strategic Plan (by 2/28/20) – group
    • Lit Review (including map & SSRs) – individual
    • Outreach & Sustainability Plan (2/28/20?) – group
    • Final Project (no later than 5/5) – group
    • White Paper (no later than 5/11) – group
(2/9-2/15)Outreach & Sustainability Plan (2/28/20?) – groupStrategic Plan (by 2/28/20) – group
(2/16-2/22)Wireframe sketch (2/20 in class) – individual or group
Spring Break
(3/8-3/14)Content Draft (3/19) – group
(3/15-3/21)Prototype 1 (4/2) – group, Lit Review (Grace)
(3/29-4/4)Prototype 2 (4/23) – group
(4/5-4/11)Reconsider if site will remain online after semester
(4/12-4/18)Final Project (no later than 5/5) – groupVMC Application-group
(4/26-5/2)White Paper (no later than 5/11) – group

  1. SMART (specific, manageable, actionable, realistic, and time-framed) Goals
  • To formulate and complete a research process utilizing academic and non-academic sources to mediate at least one solution for the disconnect between sustainability and its awareness and support in consumers over a four-week period (2/9-3/14).
    • Gather and synthesize information from scholarly, business, and consumer sources 
    • Gather information from reaching out to people in our network
      • Reach out individually to sources that we researched and gathered
  • To devise and enact a digital, visual representation such as a twine game, map, or infographic of our findings and our solution to the query of what makes sustainability difficult to understand and support for a consumer over a five-week period (3/15-4/11).
    • Create a framework and web page as a launchpad for our digital,visual project
      • Divide and Compartmentalize information on webpage
  • To use information that is not 2020 specific, so the project can remain relevant through years. This will be managed by pulling general information and definitions from research (3/8-4/11).
    • Create digital visual project built out of the information gathered

***We plan to do most of the steps together, but will take on separate tasks as the steps become more specific to our project***

Sustainability and Outreach Plan

  • Outreach (2/9-2/29)
    • Contacts
      • Organic Dye Business
      • Sustainability Fashion Forum
      • Fashion Transparency Index
      • Wolf & Badger
      • Share to Wear
      • Make+Matter
        • Project Summary
          • A digital project which will infuse the complexities of fashion sustainability to a visual aid for consumers 
        • Questions
          • How do you define sustainability in fashion?
          • How does your business support your definition of sustainability?
          • How do your customer’s value sustainability in your products?
          • As a business, how do you think sustainability interacts with your success?
          • What kind of impact do you want your business to have in shaping ideas of sustainability?
    • Social Media/Networking
      • How will you establish a legitimate / trustworthy identity from which to communicate and on which platforms? 
        • Through our association with an academic institution and through our connections to reputable sources as well as our agency to establish credibility in our interactions and providings
      • What signals are you using to establish your identity?
        • Your bio – Davidson student, listing relevant interests/knowledge, links to work you’ve done, links to your main website, hashtags that are associated with your topic.
        • What you share and say matters. What can you do to join relevant conversations? 
          • To associate and connect with relevant leaders in the conversation locally, nationally and internationally
          • To join in with leaders in the conversation on Davidson’s campus as well
      • How will you find relevant communities and networks on social media? Try and find one or two active, relevant groups. Start with specific accounts that you know of and look up who they are following and with whom they’re interacting. Are they using any relevant hashtags? If you cannot find any active groups related to your topic, use active DH groups/accounts.
        • We can research under topics and investigation of the social networks of leaders in our topic
        • @sharetowear
        • @fash_rev
        • @thesustainablefashionforum
        • @sustainablefashionalliance
        • @sustainableproject
  • Sustainability (2/9-2/29)
    • Whose account did you build the site on? How long can it stay there (what year does this person graduate)? Do you all want a record of this work for your own portfolio?  
      • The site will be built on a davidson domain which will provide a layer of credibility to our institution. 
      • Grace’s domain, Class of 2022
    • Sites that meet the following criteria can apply to be moved onto (Indicate if this is part of your plan.)
      • need to be moved off individual student and faculty domains
      • that have a possible collective or public audiences
      • that have a longer life than one semester or year
    • How long do you want the site to remain live? You can set a date to reassess.
      • We will reconsider around April 5th
        • Consider whether you intend for the site to be a resource to a community or communities. 
          • Many communities – sustainable fashion communities, college student communities, fashion consumer communities
    • Do you plan to continue actively using / updating the site or is it static at the end of the semester? 
      • Most of the information shouldn’t need to be updated, but will have access to update and change as necessary.
    • Do you have any plans for interactivity that require you to respond? How will you keep this going after the class has ended?
      • Interactivity can be achieved through contact with us through email and potential contact form. We hope to have a digital project that is available for reference and information with limited maintenance.

PLEGED, Grace & Maria

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