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Grace Hall

Hi! I am Grace Hall, a sophomore at Davidson. I am from the greatest city ever, Nashville, TN. I am a political science major and digital studies minor. I am a member of Connor Eating House and you can frequently find me leading prospective student tours around campus.

Recently I worked as a communications intern on a local political campaign and as a social media marketing intern at a Nashville non-profit organization. I am interested in the rise of social media and how it can be used to make the world a better place. I would really love to be a social entrepreneur or work in the entrepreneurship industry post-Davidson. My other interests include sustainable luxury fashion, luxury fashion consumption, social media, digital marketing, graphic design, and web design. I am at my happiest when wearing heart shaped sunglasses on a beach, or when I am hanging out around my favorite city of all time, Nashville.

Heres the link to my website: www.eng406.graceghall.com

photo of me in New York City

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